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We Specialise in the following as under:

Gib Fixing: The approach of fixing GIB plasterboard involves the usages of screws and glues. In case of walls, glue is generally used to fix the areas in the center of the sheet that comes in close proximity with a stud. At the same time, the screws are used around the perimeter of the desired sheet.
Our company is primarily focused on doing the needful for both domestic as well for commercial units. All you can do is count on us for valued and professional services. Our team will always focus on doing the needful and make your possession durable.


Gib Stopping: GIB stopping is a specified term that you will hear every now and then, while you are involved in building projects. To be specific GIB is nothing but a product name which is very common for individuals living in New Zealand, referring to plasterboards. It allows making the interior wall of the building ensuring durability.
If you are all in readiness to improve and improve the walls in your commercial and residential complex, you can always count on us. We are ready to help you out and provide the Midas touch that you are pining for.


Earthquake Repairs: Off late this part of the world is getting prone to earthquake. As you know during the earthquake at Christchurch, it caused humongous damages to property and life as a whole. We have learned from our past.
The structures and parameters are being laid accordingly in order to prevent damages and destruction. We know that in spite of preventive measures things might not fall in place always. If any such unavoidable circumstance arises, our team is ready to repair the damage in quick time and make your possession get the durability.


Roof Painting: A roof is the most important possession, which protects our property from damage. It also prevents the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from penetrating inside. You can also save yourself from the carnage of hail storms and other natural calamities. In order to make your roofs durable and long lasting, it is important to paint the roofs at least once a year.
You can always come up to us and let us know your concerns. Our team of roof painters is aware of the task that has to be done and they will complete the task within a stipulated frame of time.


Exterior Property Restoration and Painting: A property only looks good and becomes the cynosure of all eyes if it is well maintained and takes proper care. It is quite evident that with the passage of time a particular building might turn fragile and shabby, but it is our duty to take proper care of our pride possession. We need to take up the onus of restoring and elegance and applying proper coasts in order to make it durable.
If you are witnessing a fragile approach in your property, do not go too far. You can always get in touch with us and allow us to do the needful. We assure you a quality task that allows the property to retain its durability for a longer period of time.


Timber Staining and Varnish: There are numerous types of timer stains which include the ranks of varnish or shellac. To be frank they can only be used for interior as well as for exterior painting on the walls. What it does is it makes the timber dark enough. They are available in a plethora of colors that ensure the timber to get an elegant look. If you are ready to apply such innovative ideas you can trust us. We are proud enough to have catered such an innovative solution to numerous clients and are ready to do so in quantum in the days to come.
Apart from timber staining, we provide varnishing also. By applying the corrective solutions and the technological progression our varnishing techniques have made a positive impact amongst the mass.


All aspects of Interior Decorating: We all pine to make our interiors look serene and lustrous and in order to do so we call up the best interior decorator in town. We would like to let you know that our process of decorating a particular room is quite different. We design and develop the room according to the choice of the clients and ensure that he or she is satisfied with our task.
Our designers are certified and fully accredited. They will carry out a complete analysis of your room and then they would install all the belongings in a proper manner.


All aspects of Interior Plastering: We are professional interior painting experts offering interior plastering at an affordable rate. If you are eager to carry out interior plastering, you can feel free to contact us. We would be more than pleased to extend the positive bond of amity with all our clients.


Airless Spraying: A particular airless sprayer works by pumping paint at very high pressure. It pumps up to 3,000 psi through a hose through a tiny hole. The tip is designed to break up the paint in an even manner into a fan-shaped spray pattern of tiny droplets. It is perfect and tailored for smooth layered coating.
If you are in want of such smooth coatings in your wall, you can always contact us. We have specialized techniques that can be applied in a perfect manner.


Wall Papering: Wallpaper is something that allows your wall to get the lustrous appeal. After applying the perfect and proper coats of paint you can paste these wallpapers and let the walls get the lambent touch.


Commercial Fix Stop Paint: If your commercial unit is not looking great and having a shabby touch, then the time is ripe, to get in touch with a top class painter. We are a registered and accredited company ready to extend our expertise of each and every commercial unit. Contact us today and let us know your requirements.

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